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When chronic neck pain from arthritis or bone spurs interferes with your ability to stay active, you may be a good candidate for a cervical laminectomy. At Florida Back Institute in Boca Raton, Florida, the experienced team of surgeons offers cervical laminectomy procedures when other therapies aren’t effective in relieving chronic pain affecting your neck or radiating into your arms or legs. Find out if you’re a candidate for cervical laminectomy by calling the office today or use the online booking system to schedule a consultation.

Cervical Laminectomy Q & A

What is a cervical laminectomy?

A cervical laminectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the back part of the vertebrae covering the spinal canal, known as the lamina.

This type of surgery is often known as a decompression surgery, designed to relieve areas of compression on the nerves surrounding your spine or the spinal cord itself.

Why might I need a cervical laminectomy?

The team at Florida Back Institute may recommend a cervical laminectomy if you have bone spurs that irritate or compress the spinal nerves, or if you have stenosis, a condition that causes a narrowing in your spinal canal.

As additional pressure is put on your nerves, you experience more frequent pain or numbness in your back. In some cases, compressed nerves can also cause pain and weakness to radiate down into your arms and legs.

Cervical laminectomy surgery can also be an effective treatment option for spinal arthritis that breaks down the structure of your vertebrae.

If you don’t receive adequate relief from pain or mobility issues after treatment with physical therapy or epidural injections, surgery may be right for you.

What happens during a cervical laminectomy?

You receive general anesthesia for the procedure to keep you comfortable. Your surgeon makes an incision in your back over the affected vertebrae. Using specialized surgical instruments, they remove the lamina and any herniated or loose pieces of the vertebrae.

If any of your vertebrae have slipped over one another, the vertebra is repositioned and a spinal fusion is performed, joining two or more vertebrae together into one solid bone.

After surgery, you need to recover from anesthesia before being sent home to rest. You need to limit certain movements, including lifting and strenuous exercise, for 2-3 weeks. You’ll be instructed as to when you can resume your usual activities based on how fast you heal from surgery.

What kind of results can I expect after a cervical laminectomy?

For many people, a cervical laminectomy significantly reduces pain in the affected vertebrae soon after surgery. You should also enjoy a decrease in radiating pain down into your arms and legs.

If you’re receiving surgery because of arthritis, a cervical laminectomy may help slow down the progression of the disease.

Learn more about the benefits of a cervical laminectomy by calling the office or using the online booking feature to schedule a consultation.